Tether potting mold?

Does anyone have a tether potting mold for sale? I found this one, but have no idea if it will work or where I should have it printed. I bought a Scotchcast kit but would like to use a smaller mold than what comes with the kit. Anyone?


We often use heat shrink to do this sort of thing. Basically you put a big heat shrink tube over the connection, shrink one end to seal against the cable, then fill with potting from the other side. If you want you can then shrink the other side so that you get a nice tapered connection.


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@rjehangir - Any photos of the final result you can share?

I think that mold on thingiverse was developed by user @piercet. He posted (with pics) about it here:

I am getting ready to mold my connector and was planning on a 3d printed mold, but the heat shrink tube sounds like a much easier and inexpensive way to go.


Yep, that is indeed my mold design. It works well with flexible material, it does not work well with rigid epoxy unless you coat it with mold release. I found this out the hard way.

If anyone needs different cable diameters for either end, let me know and I can upload different ones. The ones there right now are an 8mm to 10mm and an 8mm to 8mm if I remember right.

I do occasionally 3d print things for clients, message me if you would like one printed and we can figure out a cost. it’s about 1/2lb of plastic ($18) and around 2 hours machine time and 1 hour labor (trip to post office and back, setup, etc) so it’s generally not too horrible.

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Here’s a picture of a Fathom tether cable spliced to a Subconn connector pigtail with heatshrink enclosing the potting compound.


@rjehangir - That came out pretty nicely. Thanks for sharing!

I want this too. Thanks for sharing!