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Tether repair or joint

Hi, I had a problem with a ship’s propeller. The tether was completely cut out. I’m thinking in repair it. My idea is re-soldering and then, put it into a metallic or pvc tube piece filled with marine epoxy. However I dont know if that will give it the strenght needed. Any ideas? ( I think that this could be also useful to joint two tethers and finally get one even larger )


I would recommend not using the Loctite Marine Epoxy for this splice. It is very rigid and brittle, so it is likely to break when it is unsupported. There is a post by Shannon about half way down this thread that shows a good way to splice tether.


Thanks Jonathan, I didn’t see that thread

If you have access to a 3d printer, I just published some cable potting containers that do the same thing as the white styrene jacket in that thread here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2323111 you’ll want the 8mm to 8mm one

Use This:


I used it to add a Subcon connector to the end of my tether to make it removable. Been using it for the part several months with no issues.

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Which SubConn connector did you use?