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Tether Disconnect w/ Locking Connectors

(Shannon) #21

I would have, but did not see that part when I was shopping around :frowning:


I understand, but that would be easy since a diameter of 7/16 inch = 11,1 mm and the penetrator is 10 mm it would not need much work. The only thing is, is there room enough for the outer shield?

(Kevin) #23

@Holtz_dk I have one, I’ll check tonight for clearance.


Perfect, thanks!

(Kevin) #25


Looks good, think I will go for that one.
Thanks for the help!

(Doyle) #27

Did a quick BOM list on the site:
MCIL4F $33.12 Micro-Wet Inline Connector - 4 Socket Female
MCBH4M $55.38 Micro-Wet Inline Connector - 4 Socket Female
N-W-S002-Brass $6.00 Nut & Washer - Brass
MCDLS_F $7.00 Micro Wet Female Locking Sleeve

(Doyle) #28

We might have to trim the bulkhead nut down a little. McMaster-Carr has a nut 0.0625" smaller in diameter.
there is little room to tighten the nut with all the cables/penetrators. Might have to move some penetrators around to free up adjacent space.
Keep us updated!
also, Bass Nut will take 8 week to deliver, and In-Line Female connector will be available 8 September. long wait!

(Mark Langille) #29

How did you fit the SEA CON pigtail through the BR penetrator?

(Davide) #30

The diameter of the 4 pin seacon cable fits inside the external face of the BR penetrator. To pass through the penetrator internal face, I removed the cable sheath. There was not so much place, so I used silicon to let the 4 internal cables pass through. Only two cables are necessary but I decided for a 4 pin one waiting for possible upgrades. Finally, I waterproofed the penetrator injecting resin with a syringe. I added some insulating tape but it is actually useless.

(Tim) #31

The SeaCon 8-pin pigtail fits in the BR large penetrator. It is a very tight fit for the wires though, and seems like not enough room for a proper potting in the tube. If I had to do it over I would probably strip the insulation from the wires and cover them with thin-wall heat shrink, to open up more room for the epoxy. In the end I gritted my teeth and spent the money for a SeaCon bulkhead fitting.

If you are only going to 30’ depth and willing to drill a custom endcap you could probably run the pigtail through an IP68 or IP69K rated cord grip. McMaster-Carr.