Tether assembly

Hi I am assembly a BlueRov v4 and i seem to be having some issues with the tether and finding instructions on how to assemble it. The assembly instructions dont say how to assemble it and kind of gloss over it. The other two units we received came pre done so I am not sure how to do it. I am not talking about the Fathom spool that can be purchased seperately, I am talking about the tether that comes with the regular kit.

Any information would be much helpful!

Hi @huyhuong -
Sorry you’re having an issue. We’d love to improve our guide!
The tether Wetlink Penetartor is first installed in the end cap in the location indicated in “Installing the Cables”, step 7:

The tether connections are then made in the “Cable Connections” , again in step 7:

The only other related step is securing the tether strain relief, covered in “Mounting the Tether to the Frame

If that seems simple, and like maybe we forgot something / glossed it over, apologies - the tether installation is just that simple!

Hi Tony!

Thank you for the reply. Yes I do realise it is that simply, but the thing is, my tether did not come assembled. I’ve attached an image below to show my predicament.

How would i assemble this as it is not detailed?


I see now - it looks as if you’d like to connectorize your tether with Blue Trails hardware!
(not made by Blue Robotics)
You’d cut the end of the tether with the black bolt, and terminate it according to the instructions from that vendor. You’d install the bulkhead connector on the ROV, and connect the appropriate two wires to the Fathom-X. Finally you’d attach the strain relief loop as detailed in our instructions.