T500 thrusters not coming to neutral position

Hey all,

I am using T500 thrusters with basic esc 500 ESC.

After giving forward signal, the thruster responses to the signal and moves forward. But when I give the neutral signal it doesn’t stop spinning. My autopilot is sending 1500 PWM signal but the thruster is not coming to rest.

Once I put the thruster in reverse direction and then back to neutral the thruster comes to rest.

Is there some way I can troubleshoot this and find the cause and possible solution?

I have tried with 4 ESC… And 2 of them used to work fine… But they have given up after using for a long period… I put the new 2 ESC but both are having the above issue…

Does anyone have a idea what’s going on?


Hi @TechBoii, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with your Blue Robotics products.

The thrusters do not have influence over when they run, so this is most likely an issue with the PWM signal being provided to the ESCs (by the autopilot), or with the ESCs themselves.

If you’ve confirmed this to be the case then the most likely cause is an ESC issue. I’d suggest reading this thread for some context / ideas, and steps on what to do next (which in this case is most likely contacting our support email).