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T45's 4kb looks not enough for new lumen version

(Richard) #1

The hexfile on the github reached 11KB but t45 only have 4kb flash.
The programming is always error or failed.
t85 just have 8kb and which IC should I change ?

(Richard) #2

Have not update?

Richard in Japan

(Daniel Heideman) #3

Hi Richard,

That’s quite interesting! I never noticed that!

How are you programming the Lumens? Are you using the programLumen.sh programming script or using avrdude directly?

The hexfile that is on GitHub is the same one we use to flash the Lumens during production, so it should be correct. Just to be sure, though, I re-compiled the hexfile, and Arduino (or rather avrdude) reported that it was just 3666 bytes and that the newly compiled version is identical to the one on GitHub.

I believe the size of the .hex file is misleading, as it is stored on your computer encoded as a text file (1~4 bytes per character for UTF-8) but the values it represents are in hexadecimal (four bits per character). avrdude should be able to interpret the hexfile properly and upload the proper hex code to the ATTINY45.

(Jacob) #4

The hex file is larger than the actual binary size. It is a text representation of the program that takes a larger size than the actual program. The program used to program the microcontroller converts the hex to the smaller binary program.