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Issues found after update

(Kaos) #1

After updating to 3.2.4 rev1 i have found that setting light steps from 7 upwards makes the first light setting not to work. The widget shows change but not turn the lights on until i go to next level.
The second issue i have seen before but stopped on my last update of QGC. It is a random crash of QGC that is not consistent and i can’t repeat the same way every time.

(Kaos) #2

Another issue that happens is if QGC crashes and then restart it, multi colored pixellation shows up on the screen.

I also see pixellation showing when QGC seems to be running normally. It does it slightly over the video and was subtle until i looked closer. You can see it in the color of the carpet in screenshot. The carpet is grey but the color pixellation can be seen. It shows as flickering pixellation.

(Jacob) #3

The GLib error is a known issue that we are working to resolve. If you would like to help testing to figure out the cause of this error, please let me know.

The corrupted graphics is interesting, I have never seen this one. Does this happen after the GLib error specifically?

As for the colors in the carpet, I think this is compression artifacts, and there isn’t anything we can do about that besides changing the camera. Are you using the Pi camera? I wonder if the USB camera does the same thing.

(Adam) #4

Hi Kaos,

Regarding the light issue, is this something that has not been occurring for you in previous version and is only present in the update, or did you only first notice it in this update?

Although the lights take signals from 1100-1900µs, there is some uncertainly and variation in the lower end of this range. It actually takes a signal of about 1200-1300µs for the lights to turn on at their minimum stable brightness setting, due to the properties of the LED and driver circuit itself. If the number of brightness steps is increased enough, then the first step will be below this threshold, and thus not actually turn the lights on. Decreasing the number of steps to 6 will avoid the unstable region and solve the issue you are experiencing.

Is there a specific application you need such fine control of the lights for?



Did the video crop change with the update? I now see the float in the right side and the lamps, before the update I did not see this wide an image. Can I change this?

(Kaos) #6

Hi Adam, after reading your reply i realised that before the update i had to push the control twice to get the lights to turn on. The update shows the percentage so it was visible for the first time to me.
Your answer covers the anomoly i have seen and makes sense. Thanks
I have found that in the ocean around NZ at certain times of the year, there are many particles that will reflect the lights back at the camera. The smaller the light steps ,the better the video quality with less light scatter by the particles. Hence the more light steps, the more flexibility to enhance the video.

(Kaos) #7

Jacob, after testing again, the GLib error is persistent and not consistently reproducible. It was not an issue in the last version of QGC but had shown up in the version i was using before that. So something seems to have changed between versions.

It does happen before the crash sometimes and then other times happens after the crash. No real consistency, as i have stated.

As for the colors in the carpet, this is only happening after the update, not before it and i believe, is still connected with the pixellation. I do not believe it is compression artifacts.

I am using the pi camera which , i believe is causing the very green video in shallow water due to the white balance in the pi not stabilising properly with light from the surface. It seems to reduce in green intensity as i dive deeper.

These are my observations only. Test and make up your own mind.

I have to take up the offer of helping to test for reasons i don’t wish to mention on the forum.
I will be PM Rusty soon about the reason and i’m sure he will fill you in.

(Kaos) #8

Couldn’t sort the bug issue so upgraded to windows 10 to sort it. The latest build seems like it has broken for me running windows 8.1.

(Jacob) #9

Ok, for the record, we officially support only Windows 10, Mac OSX, and Ubuntu 16.04.

(Jacob) #10

(Jacob) #11

@kaosrulz and anyone else who is experiencing crashes on Windows, please do the following:

  • Create a file called qgccrash.reg with the following contents:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting\LocalDumps\qgroundcontrol.exe]
  • Double-click it to install to your registry
  • Create a c:\qgccrash folder on you machine
  • Now when QGroundControl crashes it will place a dump file on you c:\qgccrash folder
  • After QGroundControl crashes, place the newest instance of the .dmp file in a public location
  • Send an email to support@bluerobotics.com with a link to the .dmp file and above details