T200 Thrusters with different times to become alive?


My name is Miguel and i’m a student and investigator from FEUP at OPorto. I’m in a project where we are using 4 T200 Thrusters with bluesc and now that i’m testing the hardware that will work with the thrusters i’m getting some problems that i need to solve:

I’m controlling the thrusters using I2C and for now im just testing if my hardware can detect if they are “alive” or not. The question is that, when i turn them on after they are connect to the hardware and running the firmware, 1 of them, that i believe is from a different batch, will become almost instantly “alive” and the other will become “alive” after 10-15s or sometimes even more.

I’ve flashed all the thruster to have different id so i can have them work with I2C.

The serial number for the first 3 is 259,260,261 and the 4th 791.

Can someone help me with this problem? Is there any difference on the firmware between the 2 batchs of the thrusters?


Miguel Rosa

Hi Miguel,

I’m glad you’re using the T200 and the BlueESCs! There is no difference in firmware between those serial numbers, but they may be slightly different revisions of the hardware. On earlier revisions, it is necessary to connect the PWM signal to ground when using I2C control. Otherwise the PWM signal can float around and cause errors.

I would guess that the issue you are having is caused by that. Let me know if that works or not!




Thank you for the reply. I’ve done what you said and it worked like a charm. Can you tell me if there is any problem to connect the PWM wire with the Ground wire on earlier versions? I’m asking this just to know if i can make the same thing in the 4 thrusters.

Best regards,



There is no problem to connect the PWM wire to the ground wire on any version of the BlueESC.