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T200 runs slow and vibrating!


Hi Rusty

I am on the second test dive swimming pool and I have 2 issues.

the first is that one t200 motor is running slow and vibrating .I have check the motor shaft all good.Can you inform me if the motor have an issue .All the other motors runs smooth without problem .

The second issue is that I am using the manual mode all good and running except the one motor not running well but when I am using depth hold and stable mode the rov start flipping around and goes to surface .Same with your previous parameters and the last ones that you posted few days ago same .Whats is going wrong ?

I did the test on mac and windows same results .

below you can see the version I am using



(Jacob) #2

Hi George, I’m sorry you’re having trouble. When you say that the ROV is flipping around, do you mean that it rolls over? Can you provide a video of this behavior?



Hi Jacob

Yes the bluerov2 rolls over in depth hold mode . I think something is going wrong with the depth sensor and its readings.When first I try to calibrate the pixhawk not possible but when I disconnect the depth sensor calibration done successfully .The position of the pixhawk is Roll90 .I am using raspberry 2+ ,fathom-x with 200 meter tether

I have to test the rov again and send you more info and video .



(Jacob) #4

Does it keep rolling over, or does it roll over, then stay upside down? Which motor is not running well? It sounds like an issue with your motor directions, verify that you have completed the last step on this page.

By the way, there is also a recent bugfix, and you should update your firmware to rule that out as the issue. See the post here for more information.




Thanks a lot lot for your replay .

I will do the firmware update yes my RC3 TRIM value was 1500 .I had set it already to 1100 .

In the manual mode in the pool the rov works fine to all directions. I will check everything again .

The motor that is not working well is the frond right one I replaced on the controller the channel position to ch 2 that the motor of ch 2 is working property but the motor keep vibrating and running low .

I will check again after the firmware update .