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T200 reverse rotaion

(majd abduljabbar) #1

I would like to share something happened with me when testing T200 thrusters.

I am using 4 T200 with basic ESCs, and I gave all of them the same duration using Arduino connected to MATLAB, 3 thrusters worked fine except the fourth one, it was doing reverse thrust. I checked the wiring of the ESCs and the motors and they are all the same, also the connections between ESC and the power supply are the same. Moreover, I checked the propeller of each motor and they are all the same. Could you please tell me what might be the problem?

(TCIII) #2

I suspect that during the assembly of that particular T200 Thruster the wiring inside the Thruster motor was not connected the same as the other three Thrusters. I had a T100 BlueESC Thruster that acted the same way and all I needed to do was reverse the PWM signal being sent to the Thruster ESC to correct the direction that the propeller was spinning compared to the other Thrusters.

(Rusty) #3

Hi Majd,

You can reverse any thruster by switching any two of the three wires that connect the ESC to the thruster. While we try to keep direction consistent, we do not guarantee it because it is usually necessary to reverse some thrusters anyways depending on configuration, propeller direction, etc.