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M200 rotation direction

Hello, I have in my possession two M200s that spin in opposite directions when sent the same PWM signal. I am hoping that one is a mistake, but don’t know which one that would be. I am using the Basic ESC and am wondering for PWM periods over 1500 microseconds, should the M200 spin clockwise or counterclockwise?

Thank you!

There isn’t anything wrong with the motor - they don’t all spin the same direction. You can swap any two of the three wires that go to the thruster to reverse the direction. Alternatively you can change out the propeller from a clockwise to counter clockwise, or if you’re using QGroundControl, you can reverse the thruster direction with the software.

Thank you, gcelec - all good points, but I’m looking to use these motors in a commercial product at high quantities. We had no such issues when we used the T100s and T200s a few years ago.

I see Jason. That sounds like an issue for BlueRobotics to address. I’ve assembled about 15 BR2’s and there’s no way of knowing which direction the thrusters will run until they’re connected. Maybe BlueRototics will be able to supply them with the same direction upon request. Good luck with your project! I’d like to hear more about it if you’re able to share.

Hi @jason-w,

@gcelec Is correct on all accounts, the motors and thrusters can all have different rotation directions due to how the phase wires are wound. This may be fixed one day, but for now, you will still need to test the direction and switch two of the phase wires if necessary.