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T200 holding fracture


While changing the propeller on my T200, I noticed the holding was fractured on two of the four legs. I have a couple of questions on what can be done.
For a quick fix, what do you suggest to put the piece back together? We are thinking on epoxy clay.
Next, for a permanent fix. Do you have replaces for the holding? Or, if we 3D print the piece, is PLA recommended?

Thank you.

Hi @VantTec,

This should not be happening, please email us at support@bluerobotics.com with some pictures and additional details and we’ll get this resolved!


¡HOLA! Soy Mirko N.
Tengo un número, necesito información sobre el propulsor, porque mi propulsor se rompió, mi pregunta es: ¿vendes solo el propulsor de la parte trasera? (sin cables). Me gustaría instalar mi propulsor (T200) con mis cables.
Si dices sí, ¿cuánto cuesta esta parte?
Espero tu respuesta.

Hi @Ariel,

You can find all the products we sell on our website, you should be able to find what you need there. If you have any other questions or need something that does not appear to be available, please email us at sales@bluerobotics.com.