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T200 for blowing sand for items

Hi guys, my first thread here!
I want to use the T200 underwater [about 12-15ft] to blow sand away to find old items. [around piers] i detect for gold underwater, gold rings etc, i use a 12v Hookah with a big 12V deep Cycle Battery. Problem i see with the Esc / commander, is well, do i need them? I would rather run the T200’s wiring straight up and into my Hookah box [floats on a tire] and have an on off switch and variable speed knob in my hand, maybe as a pistol grip control like a hair dryer [mounted to T200] Suggestions as to the best way to do this would be cool. Thanks PDM65.

Hi @PDM65,

A T200 will definitely kick up a lot of sand and silt and could certainly be used in this way!

Our thrusters are based on brushless motors, therefore an ESC is required to get them to move at all. The commutation is done electronically by an ESC, rather than mechanical commutation like a brushed motor. If you attach the three phase wires directly to a battery in any combination, this just creates a short and will destroy the motor.

The ESC takes standard RC style input signals from 1100-1900µs, with neutral at 1500µs. You can generate this with a Thruster Commander, RC receiver, autopilot like a Pixhawk, or a microcontroller like an Arduino.

You could use an electric skateboard controller (receiver + radio) or RC radio system for a simple wireless controller. Alternatively, with the Thruster Commander, you could replace the potentiometers with a potentiometer of your choice to get the feel you are looking for.


Thankyou for the reply Adam! [very quick]

I will be underwater though, to turn it on or off, or vary the speed, so how do these units get waterproofed? [Esc, commander, or even an RC skateboard controller, which I will have a look at shortly]

Regards Paul, from DOWN UNDER…lol.

“A T200 will definitely kick up a lot of sand and silt and could certainly be used in this way!”

Yes, definitely.

Up until now, I have been fanning the sand away by hand, with a little garden pot Stainless Steel shovel. SLOW, but effective, not great for the wrist though over time. I only need to get down about 1 foot, then I hit bottom, no targets under that layer. This is only for around a pier at this point, normally when I hookah detect for gold rings, I just fan down with the hand shovel, it is fine, as I am not doings hundreds of targets in a normal 2-4 hr session. But the pier base ? WOW, thousands of items.

You see coins of all sorts appearing, heaps of fishing sinkers, old bullets, old medallions, gold items, a very exciting time, so, because it is that busy, I first detect an area to find a busy spot, then just swing the detector out the way, and start fanning. Turn the detector back on to make sure there are no signals left, and move on.

I will google search those units you have mentioned, before I need to keep asking questions, you might of already answered.

Cheers Paul.