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Novice Help Question

Bought the T200 and the ESC. How do you wire a simple switch with or without the ESC. Just looking to mount the thruster on the kayak. Very simple application. Wasn’t sure what type of switch to use to keep it at a novice level.

Thank you for your time in advance. Very much appreciated.


The T200 is a brushless motor that needs the ESC to function. An ESC has three small input wires, usually terminated in a small 3-pin black plug (servo plug).

Of those three small wires, the red and black wires are +5vdc and ground. The other wire, usually yellow or brown, is the signal wire. ESC’s can’t just be switched on and off, they need a PWM signal, like that provided by an RC receiver.

You can control the ESC with a servo tester, if you like. That would be the simplest way. Get one that has a slide switch to select the ‘mode’, otherwise when power is applied they revert to ‘auto’, which would rev, reverse, rev the motor constantly.

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Hi @Cgauxus,

We have a guide for that if you just want an on/off function for a thruster: Turning a Thruster On and Off with a Thruster Commander

@Oddmar Is correct, you absolutely need an ESC with a brushless thruster (or any brushless motor). Brushless motors are different from brushed motors. Instead of simply applying a voltage, brushless motors require a voltage AND a signal to drive the motor phases to turn the rotor.

The Thruster Commander in this scenario is the signal generator and the ESC is the phase driver.

Q. Do I need a thruster commander or just the ESC? Just ordered the switch.


You will need everything shown in the “You Will Need” section.


Thank you for your help