Surfboard powered by 2 T200

hey there,

i am trying to build a surfbord with 2 T200’s. I have a shoulder injury that keeps me out of the water. i entered a contest to build a surfboard an you all could help me out winning the thing and vote for my board on dubble click on the word "stem"enter your e-mail and check your spam box for the code. I would be very thankfull. it just open for another 8 hours so if you read this on the 13 of may just keep reading maybe you can help me out with a problem with the t200’s

the first test in a swimming pool went perfect. testing in real waves did not go as planned. the t200’s where sutting off al teh time after a splid second. any body have any tips. i have an arduino and some piezo switches end 2 esc from bleurobotics.

This is really cool, nicely done!

What kind of battery are you using to power the thrusters? How long and what gauge is the wire from the battery to the ESCs? Are the thrusters still shutting down quickly now that you have returned from the waves, or is it only while you are in the waves that you see this behavior?


thanks Jacob.

i am using a 4s 50c 6600 mah battery.i am using the blue green and white wire that is with the t200 and have made it a bit longer whit some bullet connectors. and the smae wire. total is like 5ft. the wire from the battery to the esc is thicker then the wire on the esc. and about 6inch. out of the water the thrusters work fine. i looks like it shuts off under load. building the board with all the wires in the stringers took all of mine time and i did not do any tests.