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T200 Endurance Testing

(Richard) #1

Hello. How many hours of running should I expect from a basic T200 thruster before it fails?. I can see from the website that the T100 was tested for 300 hours, but I cant find anything about the T200. Thanks Richard


(Rusty) #2


We’ve done endurance testing on the T100 in a controlled setting and we stopped the test after 3 months (2200 hours) and the thruster still worked well. In the field in rough conditions we’ve seen them occasionally break sooner than that. We’re actually working on integrating some changes to make them significantly tougher.

The T200 is build to be much tougher than the T100 so it should significantly outlast these numbers. We’ve haven’t had the time or need to do a test yet.



(Richard) #3


See my post in Product Support. Perhaps you should look into toughening the blades to prevent erosion. Also, after a lot of use, the bearings are getting pretty sloppy. I would look into toughening those up also.


(Rusty) #4


Okay. Good suggestions. The blades are pretty thin for maximum propulsive efficiency, but they can be dinged up by larger stones and shells. We haven’t seen any erosion due to normal sand.

The T200 bearings are significantly thicker and tougher than the T100. We’re working on ways to reinforce the T100 ones as well.