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T200 as SUP drive

I want to mount my T200 on my SUP board.
What I still need is a mini RC transmitter - watertight if possible - and a compatible RC receiver.
Please - could anybody give me some recommendations?
Thank you

Do you want the board to be radio-controlled? So you can stand on the shore to operate it, like an RC boat?

Because if you are going to be riding on the board, all you should need is a servo tester to feed a PPM signal to the T200’s ESC. Make sure the servo tester has a slide switch for mode selection, as most you’ll find have a button to switch between modes, and when powered will always begin in ‘Auto’ mode.

@woerg I took a look around the internet and couldn’t find anything reasonable, sorry! You may have to go the do-it-yourself route and make your own.

Here are some cool projects if you decide to go that route:
DIY Arduino RC Transmitter (howtomechatronics.com)

Thanks a lot, this is the solution I wanted to apply so far.
But when riding the SUP I would prefer to have a wireless solution - a mini transmitter to be held in one hand or like a wristwatch.

Thank you for your efforts, but what I am looking for is a mini transmitter to be operated with one hand or even better be worn like a wristwatch.