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T100 thrusters with limited current supply

(Wayne West) #1

I am wondering if T100 thrusters would be suitable for the MATE Scout competition. We are limited to 15A current @ 12V. Just trying to get some supplies ready for students for next year. I’d like for them (and me) to learn some basic coding/electronics. We’ve been competing for a few years with bilge pump motors and analog switches…very limited control.
Can we use four T100’s with ESCs given such a limited current supply? I would also like to use an Arduino.
Being a newbie to electronics and computer control I would appreciate any suggestions that you have.

(Jacob) #2

Hi @wwest,

The thrusters can certainly draw more than 15 amps when run together, but the output is variable, and you can just limit the output power of the thrusters in software to stay within your current limit. Probably will be best to only operate two thrusters at a time at lower than their maximum speed.

We have some example programs for operating the thrusters with an Arduino on our github page.

(Wayne West) #3

Thanks you. That’s what I hoped to hear. I will definitely be in touch.