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T100 question

(Richard) #1

@ Rusty-What is the response of the T100 when power is connected to the ESC power leads, but no signal is coming through the control leads (no power to the microcontroller producing the speed control pulses)? I am asking because I want to be able to connect motor power to the ESC through an access port in the WTE and not have any motor response until I turn on auxiliary power from the control box, which powers the microprocessor in the WTE. I hope this makes sense.


(Rusty) #2

Hi Richard,

For both the Basic ESC and BlueESC, nothing will happen until you send a proper PWM signal pulse. You can send them power without signal and they will just wait until they receive a signal.

Hope this helps!


(Richard) #3

It helps a lot, thanks.

(Richard) #4

@Rusty-What about a PWM signal pulse below 1000 or above 2000?

(Richard) #5

@Rusty- How long will the motor continue to run after the last valid pulse received? Thanks for the help, I am writing the thruster control software.


(Rusty) #6


The ESC will constrain the incoming pulses to 1100 and 1900. It can recognize inputs from 100 µs to 2400 µs. Pulses outside of this range are considered invalid.

It will continue running after the last valid pulse for about 5 seconds and then it will stop.

Hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions.


(Richard) #7

@ Rusty-Yes, great help. I am writing the control program for the T100 and those are questionsa I needed answers to.

What is the recommended interval between pulses to sustain a constant speed? From my RC airplane days I think we needed about 20 ms to hold a servo position with full torque.

(Rusty) #8


Standard servo PWM pulses are at 50 Hz (20000 µs period). The ESC can handle a wide frequency range up to about 400 Hz (2500 µs period). I’m not sure how slowly you can send pulses but I think it’s probably pretty slow.