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Basic ESC pulse update rates

(david) #1

What is the pulse update rate for the basic ESC connected to a T100? I’m trying to use the adafriut 16 CHANNEL PWM SERVO DRIVER and I need to know the pulse rate to know the pulse lengths to program it to.



(Jacob) #2

I think that the afro escs can use pulse rates anywhere between 100 and 400 Hz. The range might be a bit wider, but that should be a solid range. The pulse widths expected are always between 1100 and 1900 microseconds regardless of the rate that the pulses are sent. This limits the absolute max pulse rate to around 500 Hz before the signal is just high all of the time.


(Jacob) #3

Here is the relevant spec from the tgy (esc firmware) github readme:

‘Accepts any PWM update rate (minimum ~5microseconds PWM low time)’


(david) #4