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PWM Frequency For Basic ESC

I am using the Adafruit Servo Hat to Control my ESCs, and I can change the PWM frequency of the hat to be anything from 40Hz to 1000Hz. What frequency should I use to work best with the basic ESC?

Also what should I do for first time motor calibration? after looking at this document on page 9 I gathered for first time calibration I should input a max throttle signal and wait for 3 seconds till I hear the upwards beeping repeat 3 times, then go minimum till I hear the downward beeping 3 times. Then after that input a stopped signal and it is calibrated. And for normal initialization I should just input a stopped signal then wait till I hear the high beep.
Is all that correct?

FWIW…We use an Arduino Mega 2560 to control the ESCs. It works great, right out of the box, at 490hz, which is the default frequency.

I use the same PCA9685 chip in my custom board and I’m using ~50Hz. Most servos expect 50Hz and the Basic ESCs play nicely with that unless you’re trying to use faster 1Shot or DShot signalling. Setting to 50Hz makes it pretty easy to also control servos using the same interface. You can use other frequencies but you’ll need to update your duty cycle settings accordingly to make sure your pulse widths are between 1100 and 1900 microseconds.

Ok that helps a lot thank you:))

My post should’ve said “milliseconds” not “microseconds” I’ve edited it above.