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Basic ESC. More spec. info would be nice

I am interested in the Blue Robotics Basic ESC.
I am a senior electrical engineer, but have no experience with RC controls or Arduino.

The technical info for this controller seems to be lacking key information. It says that the PWM signal necessary to drive the motor ranges from 1100uS to 1900uS and a pulse width of 1500uS stops the motor. Normally, a PWM signal is expressed in duty cycle as a percentage (%) . Although the technical info does not say so, I am assuming that the signal has a fixed frequency of 333.33Hz (or 3000uS period total) which - if a PWM signal were expressed in terms of microseconds and 1500uS represents off, would mean 1500uS on and 1500uS off for a 50% duty cycle. I would also assume that a pulse thats high for 1100uS and low for 1900uS (or 36.6% duty cycle) would be max one direction while a pulse thats high for 1900uS and low for 1100uS OFF (or 63.3% duty cycle) would be max the other direction.

Also, the technical info does not state what the input characteristics are. What is the maximum voltage input. Can the input signal be driven with a 5V signal . What is the minimum low and maximum high?
(Would also be nice to know the minimum high and maximum low)
Thanks in advance,
Capt. Mike

I deleted my reply after doing some research. This should explain it.