Interfacing Blue Robotix T100 , 30 A ESC with forward and reverse firmware

Would you please give us a clue or point us to resources hat will help our understanding of how to integrate the Linux based driver code for Blue Robotix 100 thrusters with a higher level C++program.

Hi Justin,

I’m not sure what Linux based driver code you’re referring to. The Blue Robotics thrusters are brushless motors, and require electronic speed controllers to operate. Many ESCs, including the Blue ESC operate using a simple digital signal called pulse width modulation, or PWM. The signal line is held low, and pulled high for a certain amount of time at a regular rate, usually 50-400Hz. The amount of time that the signal is pulled high (the pulse-width) is interpreted by the ESC as a command for how fast to spin the motor. Most ESCs expect pulse widths between 1000 and 2000 microseconds. The Blue ESC is different than most ESCs, in that it is programmed to rotate the thruster in forward and reverse. With the Blue ESC, 1100 us is full speed reverse, 1500 us is stopped, and 1900 us is full speed forward. There are examples on our github to operate ESCs with an Arduino, written in C++.