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Surface platform range sensor

Hi everyone,

last year one of the student project was to build the surface vehicle (platform) using the Bluerobotics parts. Basically, it’s BlueROV2 with no tether and without vertical thrusters. We are using TP link nano router for communication.
This year, our students have built another platform like this and new project is to dock these two platforms. Since we believe GPS is not precise enough (correct us if we wrong) for this task, we would like to use it for approximate positioning and use additional sensor for precise docking.
Can you recommend us GPS module that we can mount on a small mast and interface with Pixhawk and RPi using the standrad BlueRobotics penetrator. Can you recommend us additional sensor we are looking for this application? It should be waterproof and provide us with relative position with respect to second platform and we should be able to interface it with RPi and Pixhawk via standard BlueRobotics penetrator.
Any alternative approach to this problem is welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you!

@sample Interesting problem!

These are the GPS sensors supported by ArduPilot: GPS/Compass (landing page)

Some of the RTK sensors will get you the accuracy you need.

Some other options are non-GPS navigation and there is a 2019/2020 roadmap item for Precision Docking.

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Thank you Kevin!