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Surface Controller

(undersearobotics.com) #146

Right. Here’s a tip: by using a BU0836X instead of the BU0836A you can avoid having to build a diode matrix.

(TCIII) #147


True, but the BU0836X is twice the price of the BU0836A and somewhat bigger in its O&M requirements.

Since I do a lot of experimenting my junk box is full of small signal diodes and Rat Shack perfboards so I can roll my own diode matrix. Also, I prefer solid solder joints rather than pressure clamping terminals.


(undersearobotics.com) #148

Correct on both counts. :wink:

I also prefer solder joints, but our testing has shown the clamp terminals on the Bodnar boards to be pretty reliable and foolproof. The key is to use the right gauge wire and make sure the wire is inserted correctly (which can sometimes be a bit tricky).

(Christian) #149

…nice to see someone gets it working… now my mac recognises the Card… my vertical works… but making the connector for the 3 axiz wasnt easy… but the QGC crashes all the time, and sometimes it doenst recognise the Bluerov either… its 50/50?? …any tip on the program?..still wont work on PC?

(TCIII) #150


Sorry to hear that you are still having issues using the controller board with QGC.

What version of Windows are you using?

Also, it appears that you are using Rev 4 of BR’s version of QGC when the latest version is Rev 6.

To get all of the analog inputs working like the standard Logitech F310 joystick I did the following:

I connected the Hall Effect joystick Y axis to Analog 1
I connected the Hall Effect joystick X axis to Analog 2
No connection to Analog 3
I connected the Hall Effect joystick Z axis to Analog 4
I connected my 10k vertical thrust pot to Analog 5


(TCIII) #151

Hi All,

Here is my completed joystick controller that can take the place of either the XBox 360 or the Logitech F310 and uses a HFX Hall Effect joystick and 10k 1% linear pot to take the place of the two resistive style joysticks.

Forward, backward, left/right lateral and left/right yawing movement is done with the three axes Hall Effect joystick while vertical thruster control (ascend/descend) is done with the 10k pot.

The camera tilt, thruster gain, and lights are controlled by the three momentary, center off toggle switches on the top of the console.

The joystick console works fine with both Windows 10 and the BR rev 6 version of QGC and is really designed for tabletop operation. Though I am in the process of building a handheld version similar to the VideoRay Pro 4 Standard joystick hand controller.


(vectrino.hr) #152

Can you please give detailed explanation how did you use it?
I assume that left handle is down and up and right stick r/y/p and everything else?

(Christian) #153

mine ay Xyand Z for that side?..just like you see Etienne have done it?

(Christian) #154

But my biggest consern isnt that it doennt just take the controller… dont show in pc but mac?.. and QGC is wery unstable :confused: turns off all the time…

(TCIII) #155


Why aren’t you using BR’s QGC Rev 6 instead of Rev 4 which you are presently using?


(Christian) #156

i am using rev 6?

(Christian) #157

i have changed since the lst pucture;) ,it sees the bodnar…but QGC looses connection wery easy to the ROV too…and i have to turn the ROV on and off to get connected?..so thats a Serious problem?

(Dale) #158

The mac implementation of QGC is unstable, causing QGC to crash. I’ll find the link on the forum and post it up.

(Heinz) #159

Im using the latest QGC build on a new windows PC. It is the most stable QGC I have had on the ROV since I got the BlueRov2 almost 2 years ago and I have no issues whatsoever. Also the lag from the video has been removed entirely. So props to the BlueRobotics engineers for this one as it’s really good.

The Thrustmaster - T.Flight Hotas 4 has software that must be installed prior to using it with QGC.
Once the joystick software is installed and you have verified it working then its a simple process of using the options on QGC and setting up the joystick there. If you set it up properly you can see all the buttons and axis being recognized in QGC and then you just assign the buttons and axis for the functions and joystick.

(Christian) #160

…i have i New pc and that dont QGC see the bodnar card. ;(

(TCIII) #161


It is interesting that you are still having problems getting BR’s QGC to see the BU0836A joystick controller as mine is working just fine on my laptop running Windows 10 and I agree with Heinz that this BR QGC is very stable and has yet to crash.

The only problem that I have encountered using the BU0836A controller with QGC is that even though the Windows 10 joystick controller calibration apps detects the BU0836A button 1 as button 1, the BR version of QGC sees the BU0836A button 1 as button 0. Therefore there is an offset of 1 between the Windows 10 joystick controller calibration app and QGC which is due to the way that QGC detects button push sequence.

However, when using the Logitech F310 joystick controller with QGC, the Windows 10 joystick controller app reports the button 1, mode_manual button, as button 5 while QGC reports the button 1, mode_manual button, as button 1. Very strange to say the least.

I assume that you are plugging in the BU0836A prior to launching QGC?


(Christian) #162

…ive done tit ALL…and soon getting tired of this… i cant do Any decent work with this . …May i return i ALL BR ? …ive used all my savings in something i thught would function…and what i see is something that sometimes work… and thats not goood enough. …on my way on my sailtrip and in Stuck in Norway bec of this… well have to leave soon bec bay of Biscay arent waiting for me.

(Svein H.) #163

I have seen that you have been struggling with your DIY controller, does the BR2 work fine with a logitech gamecontroller?

(Christian) #164

well the program shuts off… to be honest i don’t know any more… i have been troubleshooting this to the point of almost shooting it…. when i turn it neither it don’t recognise the vehicle…so have to turn on and off… we’ll this the battery??? BIIIG problem if happens in water…. sooo when i get connection… no cam…. or no joystick…- IF im lucky all works it stops the program…irs pure shit this…. unstable as ….k . … Yes it works with the joystick…. but the program shuts off… but i didn’t buy this for a Toy!.. i need my leo bonder card and my controller…

(Christian) #165

…sorrry gous im just frustrated at it all now… and i have gotten lost in time…