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Surface Controller

(Christian) #126


(Christian) #127

Tested in the gamepad tester and it works;)

(undersearobotics.com) #128

If Windows recognizes it and a 3rd party app works using it, I think that’s a pretty good indication that your surface controller is working properly and it’s probably an incompatibility with either QGC or a dependency that QGC uses.

Let me ask you this, have you tried running QGC after rebooting your computer? Sometimes a reboot will “miraculously” fix hard to trace software issues.

(Christian) #129

well now the program you gave me dont showany joysticks? frutrated.com:wink:

(undersearobotics.com) #130

Well @ROV, welcome to the world of DIY ROV’s. :wink: Time to roll up your sleeves and go through absolutely everything that could be causing the problem. Good luck!

(Christian) #131

looks like it:( … now it works on my mac on a third party, but my mac dont get signals from the ROV??..im rebooting the pc to see… but why dont i get any signals to my mac?

(TCIII) #132


Did you change your Mac to the fixed IP address?


(Christian) #133

Yes and i got picture, but a message “vheicle 1 did not respond to request, this will caus QGC to be unable to use its full user interface” ?? (getting tired here now;D

(Christian) #134

…but No joysticks work now… ?;D

(Christian) #135

(Christian) #136

Suddenly works on mac but have no Cluuue how that happened?

(Christian) #137

…time for bed before the sledgehammer comes out… tnx for all help guys ;)…hope for a better day tomorrow;)

(Christian) #138

https://www.facebook.com/marinerobotics/videos/277911092809527/?hc_ref=ARTmZGujnZuzDF0hY2X_vyOTyQ38ruVB9ph7iWRSMMDNpW6QgxneS7hnP4hxXHfTpSQ&xts%5B0%5D=68.ARD8-GgYpULO5ypCBOiAMdJ0T7mYYCKV09BMnBoo8gRESuYiREs4dqErC0kwI6p3NnFZaxNANE_rsziQrVAYYTSLh6DMwlRYDdrtkKhHAj96LV0nXvSJG8ZcT0VkbzX-utigRg67ELgF&tn=FC-R …it works for something at least;DD

(TCIII) #139


After your success with your Mac, have you tried it again with Windows/QGC?


(Christian) #140

Tryend forth and back…only mac takes it?

(TCIII) #141


I have purchased the BU0836A 12-Bit Joystick Controller and so far my PC with Windows 10 has recognized it and installed the appropriate drivers which seem to date to 2006.

I will have a three axes Hall Effect joystick and 10k linear pot delivered by Monday so I can see if QGC can recognize the BU0836A 12-Bit Joystick Controller.


(Heinz) #142

I bought the Thrustmaster - T.Flight Hotas 4 Joystick and was success full in binding every button and axis for the BlueROV2 with no trouble and worked perfectly. I did end up going back to the Logitec F310 because of space restrictions but I can see using it if I ever get a project that might take a long time.

Improved handling BR2
(Christian) #143

…how did it go?

(TCIII) #144


I just received the Apem Hall Effect three axes joystick yesterday afternoon and just now got it connected to the BU0836A controller board.

So far it functions correctly when viewed with the Windows 10 joystick app. I will now test it with QGC to see if QGC will recognize it.


(TCIII) #145


Today I hooked up the BU0836A controller board to my laptop running Windows 10, started up QGC and my BR2 and proceeded to view the Joystick page in QGC.

To my relief the BU0836A controller board was detected by QGC and I was able to move joystick axes 0,1, and 2 which is all that I have presently connected to the controller board.

Tomorrow I will wire up the 10k pot for vertical control and the remaining switches that control the modes, arming/disarming, the lights, and the trim functions.

Attached is a picture of my new joystick control console:

The shift key is behind the Hall Effect joystick and cannot be seen in this view.

There is just one problem when using the BU0836A controller board, it can only support 12 switches directly and since QGC is expecting 14 switches, I will have to use the controller board ROW/COLUMN inputs along with a diode for each of the 14 switches which will unfortunately make connecting the switches to the controller more complex.