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Surface Controller

(undersearobotics.com) #85

Nicely done!

(Christian) #86

Tnx;)…have made it so i have tilt for cam on 3 axis joystick… and pitch/roll in front joystick… Grabber on the other joystick… ROV is about using as much fingers and control as much as Possible … … the knods…for different modes… the rest for fun… got to much nobs now😂

(Christian) #87

(Christian) #89

…and when i hooked all up… my leo bodnar board wont connect to Qgc … my PC register i,t but Qgc dont?..any suggestions?

(Christian) #90

…my didint come up?..all others come up but not my Leo bodnar?..any tips?

(TCIII) #91


Does the Leo Bodnar board appear in the drop down list of joystick controllers on the QGC Joystick Calibration page?

I assume that you have used the Windows 10 Game Controller Setup to calibrate the Leo Bodnar board and verify its functionality?


(Christian) #92

No it doesnt appear any joystick when i connect that, it shows when i use my logitech?Yes its all in ordher in the pc?..in gamecontrollers and all… but it dont show in QGC?

(TCIII) #93


I have messaged Paul Unterweiser to see why you are having an issue with the controller.


(Christian) #94

Tnx ,)

(undersearobotics.com) #95

Yes, I’ve been following this thread… :wink:

Off the top of my head I have no idea why you’d have this issue, could be:

  • a faulty cable
  • a defective bodnar device
  • a windows issue
  • a QGC issue

Etc, etc. I know that we haven’t had any issues using the Bodnar devices with our simulators, and we’ve been using them almost from the beginning (12+ years). I have less experience using them with BlueROV2 ROV’s but haven’t had any issues there either (although I don’t know if we’ve used the latest Ardusub / QGC software with it yet). I do know that, depending on the version / update, we have had problems with other controllers with QGC (the Logitech Extreme 3D and F310). I would not consider QGC or Ardusub “gold standards” for software reliability by any means… I would test your device with other softwares that use joystick input and see what happens. If it works with other software and not QGC, I think you’ve found your issue.

Hope this helps.

(Christian) #96

tnx…what software feks?.. i dont game or anything?:wink: this is all i have;D

(Jacob) #97

Probably you need a driver for the device. Do you have a link to the product?

(Christian) #98

http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=180 …in my pc All is working it says?

(Jacob) #99

What do you mean? Can you show me how you know?

(Christian) #100

im my game controller setup it says , and when i plug it in it makes sound too… and as you see my horizontal is connected here on the picture, and it reacts.?

…and when i plug in my Logitech… No problem?

(Christian) #101

…but as you see… no joystick connected?

(Etienne Demers) #102

Seems to me like windows is detecting it fine. There is a drop down list for selecting the joystick in QGC can you send a snapshot of that?

(Jacob) #103

QGC is not seeing the joystick. Can you try to restart everything, and do not run any joystck / splitcontroller applications. Use only QGC. Maybe the other application has claimed the joystick so QGC can not use it.

Can you also show what you see in device manager for the joystick?

(Christian) #104

…i restarted until 4 in the night;D …i tryed everything exept the software thing;)

(Christian) #105

…now we are talking :wink: …“the myth, the man, the Etienne” :wink: