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Surface Controller

(Jacob) #65

Yes you can put it in an angle, and then fly it the same way, like you are sitting in the cockpit.

(Christian) #66

i just got my hall effekt joysticks (Bought same 1 axis and a 3 axis but with to “knobs” on top(for pan tilt for camera), but no connector /cable with it… any tips on the wiring?..mouser dont sell finished ones i understand:(

(Etienne Demers) #67

Oh yeah, that is annoying. Here is what you need:

Mouser #: 798-DF11-12DS-2C
Mfr. #: DF11-12DS-2C
Desc.: Headers & Wire Housings Headers & Wire Housings 2MM RECEPT HOUSING 12P DUALROW CRIMP
2 $0.24 $0.48
2 Shipped 04-Dec-17 46283375

Mouser #: 538-10-11-2083
Mfr. #: 10-11-2083
Desc.: Headers & Wire Housings Headers & Wire Housings 8CKT HOUSING
2 $0.37 $0.74
2 Shipped 04-Dec-17 46283375

Mouser #: 798-DF11-22SCF
Mfr. #: DF11-22SCF
Desc.: Headers & Wire Housings Headers & Wire Housings FEMALE CONTACT TIN 22AWG REEL
20 $0.052 $1.04
20 Shipped 04-Dec-17 46283375

Mouser #: 538-46999-0101
Mfr. #: 46999-0101
Desc.: Headers & Wire Housings Headers & Wire Housings .100 KK. CRIMP SHROUD TERM 24-30AWG
20 $0.177 $3.54
20 Shipped 04-Dec-17 46283375

(Etienne Demers) #68


(Etienne Demers) #69

single axis pinout:

(Christian) #70

Tnx Etienne :wink: Your the Man :wink: …will soon set up what im thinking and hope for a input :wink:

(Christian) #71

…was thinking of getting my pan tilt on the Joystick… but also have the “on/off” joystick just over som i can control the pan/tilt(or grabber) on the ROV side too at the same time…(its just training and ill guess i have all controls in line :wink: …and thought of having the same over the 1 axis for controlig the grabber with a finger at the same tome ba able to contol the vertical…and i have a bunch of on/off switches now(seems lie alibaba sends a Lot ,D)…just have to get the joysticks on and see how it feels with the stabilising and normal modes and lights and dimming and some moore;) …have a knob for winch to mount on the side here and pedals for footcontrol but thats for later…;)…and suggestions for what i shuld not forget ?;DD

(Dale) #72

Have you tried a mock up? You could play around with positions of the controls see how they feel before committing to cutting?

(Christian) #73

no i havent, im pretty shure it will work with the joysticks…(i know the distance, i can feel that;) its like ive wanted a sea owl to be if i could choose;)… the moore you can control and not let the sticks go the better;)

(Christian) #74

…my question is actually where to put the knobs… but for “modes” it will be in the middle… and if there is something i shuld think about for the future… on top in the middle i will leave space for 3/4 potmetres for future adjustments for Vertical trust , forward/rew trust) and things like that.

(undersearobotics.com) #75

I’ve used those 4 axis joystick switches before, they work great for camera and manipulator control. Here’s the “Mark 2” version of our ROVsim SCU.

(Christian) #76

…looks ok… but why the cantral joystic? …never seen or tryed before…and i guess its a reason… in the end… where do you assign theese things?..do you miss a lot in this system?.. count and look into the system…???

(Christian) #77

4 axis?..how do they work?

(undersearobotics.com) #78

That controller was designed to be used with our ROVsim2 O&G simulator. The central 3 axis joystick is for horizontal thruster control and the vertical dial on the bottom left is for vertical thruster control. The two smaller joysticks are to control the 2 manipulators. The small dials are for light and thruster gain.

We’ve had two other iterations of the SCU since this one. The most recent is our Mark 4 SCU which can be used with both ROVsim Gen3 and ROVsim2 BlueROV2 (as well as the BlueROV2 ROV!).

(Christian) #79

…no worries, just thought i missed an axis… :wink: 3 ok… 4 i would like to know;) …in(a knob on the side?, maby look to …hmmm :wink: not the Supporter, HD, Merlin, Millenium work klass f15 stick… im my expirience… not good for small ROV :wink: (your vertical is really misplaced, after 3 hrs your hand is Sleeping… where is the handsupport?

(Christian) #80

…on the right side you got two knobs?.. when you do a counterclock movement on the joystick…for the 50 time… will they touch?..not critisim… just practical advice :wink:

(undersearobotics.com) #81

The “Mark 2” SCU was from about 10 years ago (we’ve been doing this for a long time!). Although we’ve never had a single complaint, it did fit a lot of functionality into a very small space. To the right of the main joystick are two momentary push buttons (for vertical / heading hold, etc.). We stopped selling them a long time ago. The new Mark 4 is a much simpler design and is my personal favorite of all those I’ve used.

(Doug) #82

Are you producing your Surface Controller for resale? You mentioned $1000 US for sale price. I would have interest at that price point.

(Etienne Demers) #83

you can visit my website: http://www.deltarov.com/new/product-category/bluerov2-upgrades/

I also have other versions I can do if you want to give me your email address.


(Christian) #84

…finally some time for som progress😅… this is the setup i found best at the moment☠️… not perfect but will do what i want;)

…Tnx Etienne for avvises :pray: