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Surface controller with Beelink X45 gemini lake Intel J4105

(Yannick) #1

Hye everybody,

For your information I’ve tried with success the beelink X45 for my surface controller for 200€

Carrefully QGC does not work if audio jack is not plugged !
Beelink X45 Mini PC Desktop Computer 6GB LPDDR4+128GB SSD Gemini Lake Intel J4105 Windows 10 64 Bit Quad Core Dual 4K 60HZ HDMI 2.0/BT 4.0/ Dual Wi-Fi/1000M Ethernet SD/HDD Extension

(TCIII) #2


What are the voltage and current requirements?


(Christian) #3

How is the surface controller then? Picture?

(Jacob) #4

What do you mean?
Can you explain this more?

(Marcus) #5

I found this too. If there is no audio output device on my laptop (eg if speakers are disabled and no bluetooth headphones connected) QGC won’t open. As soon as I enable the speakers or connect my headphones it opens correctly. I’m guessing that’s what the OP means in regards to audio jack?

(Yannick) #6

Alimentation 12v 12W
j’utilise l’ecran 10 Pouces FHD 1080P Moniteur 1920x1080 Ecran IPS suivant bien noté


Et une malette etanche explorer ref 2712

Ci-joint une idee avant intégration

OK avec Marcus l’ecran ayant l’audio je n’ai pu le probleme du jack audio avec l hdmi QGC demarre sans soucis

(Yannick) #7

Et voilà