Support for manually entering longitude and latitude in WaterLinked DVL A-50 Driver

Hello again,
Just another question with regards to the DVL. Currently to set the position on the DVL A50 driver you have to manually click your location before click save current location. This is fine for the most part, as you can eventually get pretty close to your location, however this isn’t ideal. I have noticed however, there is the ability to enter a longitude and latitude manually into the text boxes, however this seems to have no impact on your longitude and latitude and only even sets its current location relative to the pin.

Is there plans to make it possible to enter your longitude and latitude manually so you can be much more accurate with your starting position?

Hi @Qlowe,

I believe that is already the existing behaviour, it’s just not updating the pin on the display when you manually specify a value, so I’ve raised an issue for that.

some extra info about internals, if you're interested

Note that from a technical standpoint the first time a location is submitted (after the autopilot turns on) sets both the EKF origin and the vehicle position, and subsequent submissions set just the vehicle position (which internally is stored/measured as cartesian coordinates relative to the EKF origin). Practically they can both be thought of as specifying a position, but you’ll get the best position accuracy when the EKF origin is close to the current actual position, so ideally the EKF origin should be set to approximately the center of the area you expect to move around in.

That will have the most relevance/impact for operations that cover a large area, and is probably not important for most operations, but is still relevant to understand in case you accidentally set the first position (the EKF origin) far away from the actual operating area, in which case it’s better to restart the autopilot rather than just setting a new position where the vehicle actually is.