SubseaLED - 1500W Power Supply System

Dear BlueRobotics Community,

We are set to introduce our new BlueROV2 Power Supply Unit (PSU) from SubseaLED this October. This development aims to optimize the operational efficiency and safety of the BlueROV2 system.


Surface Power Supply Unit (SPSU):

  • Safety Features: Integrated with Line Insulation Monitor (LIM), Current and Voltage Monitors, and protections against overcurrent and overvoltage.
  • Input Compatibility: Accepts a wide input voltage range (110 to 220 VAC) and is functional with both 50 and 60 Hz frequencies.
  • Power Output: Equipped with STEP-UP Switching Power Supply with an output of 600Vdc @ 3A (1800W).
  • Design Efficiency: Housed within a compact 3 Rack unit box, maximizing portability and space efficiency.
  • Connectivity: Features integrated Fathom-x with USB B connector and a reliable 7-pin surface tether connector.

Tether System BR-002:

  • Surface End: Equipped with a durable 7-pin connector.

  • Tether Characteristics: Features 8.8 mm diameter, neutral buoyancy in saltwater, 80kg working load, construction with Aramide fibers, low bend radius (90mm), water block filler, two power conductors a STP for data transmission, ground and CP reference.

  • Subsea End: Incorporates an Aramide puller, 3-pin MCIL3 BIRNS Aquamate data connector, and a 3-pin PLA3F CRE Marine metal shell power connector.


Vehicle Power Supply Unit (VPSU):

  • Input Flexibility: Supports input range between 300 to 700 VDC, enabling operations up to 450 meters with a copper tether and over 1000 meters with a fiber setup.

  • Output Capability: Provides 14 VDC at 107 Amps.

  • Thermal Management: Developed with an advanced heat dissipation design.

  • Mechanical Features: Weighs 2.4kg in air and 0.4kg submerged in Fresh Water, enclosed within the standard BR 3” 300mm enclosure and equipped with a BR pressure relief valve.

  • Safety Mechanisms: Integrates overcurrent, under-voltage, over-voltage, short circuit, and thermal protection features.

Thermal image - Side view of the BR2 after 30mins Wet test at 100% Gain.

Side view of the BR2 after 30mins Wet test at 100% Gain.


Vehicle Power Supply Unit - Inside view

Video - Wet Test from 25% to 100%

Given its power specifications, this system is compatible with the Standard BR2, the Heavy-Duty configuration featuring 8 x T200 thrusters, as well as custom vehicles outfitted with T500 Thrusters.

We invite any questions, insights, or feedback regarding the technical aspects and potential applications of our new PSU and look forward to your valuable input as we approach the launch.

Best regards,
The SubseaLED Team