Subsea camera+lights+tripod+wireless charger build using BR 2" enclosures


I work at SafetyNet Technologies ( - we’ve just finished developing our second ever subsea product, using Blue Robotics’ excellent enclosure system as our foundation. It’s called “CatchCam” … it’s an extremely long-life (100h) recording camera and lighting system to use underwater down to 300m. Our users are fishing vessels to evaluate bycatch-reduction measures, and marine scientists performing longterm ecosystem monitoring. We’re really proud of it, and it wouldn’t have been possible without BR!

I wanted to share this with the community, as it really shows what’s possible in terms of using 3D printing to create PCBA retention, wireless charging, alignment with external features, etc. Thanks to BR, we’re able to create a product without commissioning any production tooling, which really helps us as a startup get off the ground, and respond to customer feedback quickly.

My favourite ‘hack’ is that we’ve used the ‘ears’ on the end-caps to insert into a bayonet fitting, to align the wireless charging coils perfectly. Gives a very satisfying ‘click’ as you insert it in as well :slight_smile: A more banal feature of using BR is having access to high quality plastic pressure vessels, enabling us to implement WiFi connectivity to download footage, and wireless charging too — so our users never have to fiddle with memory cards and cables on the deck of their boat (definitely a real pain point!)

You can check out more nice photos here

Anyway, I’ve been lurking in the forums for a while before posting this - it’s a great resource to help us. Thank you community.



And here’s the ‘tripod’ / attachment. Again using 3D printed parts to guide the blue robotics enclosures home using their ears as alignment features.



Hello @Aran ,

Thank you for sharing. I came across with your company products and found them really cool! Congratulations!


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Hi @Aran,

I’ve finally got around to this one. Thanks for sharing your latest development - it’s really cool! :smiley:

It’s always exciting to see the community working together and sharing ideas - thanks for being a part of that, and helping to motivate others with what’s possible! :slight_smile:

This is exactly the kind of thing we develop our products for - making the foundational components of marine robotics readily available, so that people and companies (like you guys!) with more niche ideas can focus most of their efforts on the specifics of what they want to create :smiley:

Haha, I love this - what a great idea!

Satisfying clicks are always appreciated, and just make things more fun to work with. We put a fair amount of effort into the enclosure latches on the BlueBoat, and it’s almost a guilty pleasure getting to open or close them up… :sweat_smile:

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