Storage Care for Cerulean Omniscan 450 SS and Ping2 on Blueboat

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I have two Cerulean Omniscan 450 SS and a Ping2 w BlueRobotics housing attached to a BlueBoat. When the BlueBoat is folded, the 450 SS on the bottom Starboard hull is a few centimeters away from the floor and the Ping 2 is bulging on top. Must I wrap the 450 SS and Ping2 to prevent scratch to them?


Yes, it’s recommended to wrap the Cerulean Omniscan 450 SS and the Ping2 to prevent scratches when the BlueBoat is folded. Using padding or protective covers can help safeguard these sensitive components during storage and transport​ (Blue Robotics Community Forums)​​ (Blue Robotics Community Forums)​.

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Hi @nathaniel -
That’s true! We usually just use a towel placed between the sonars and any hard surfaces.