Stalwart robotic’s sol-xplorer - investment opportunity

Hey! We have developed a revolutionary robot that can impact many industries! Check out our website for the pitch:

Hi @Stalwartrobotics, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The website you’ve linked to seems to have very few details, and doesn’t seem immediately relevant to marine robotics. Could you please explain some more about what you’ve developed (including some technical specifications), and what applications it’s suited to?

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Hello and thank you :slight_smile:
We built a satellite controlled solar rover that can be used in many industries- for example for delivery companies to deliver packages or deliver equipment to remote areas which don’t have refueling.
Surveillance can also be a use for the rover, more specifically border patrol. Also scientific experiments!

We use 200 watt solar panels with 2 550 motors with 16 inch wheels, motor drivers and a satellite communication device hooked up to a micro controller. Allowing both remote satellite communication and refueling in remote areas!

We uploaded here in case we can find investors or sponsers for us making a better prototype

Thank you!

This forum is for discussing marine robotics, and a rover that operates on land doesn’t seem relevant to that, so unless I’m misunderstanding what you’ve described then it seems like your post is “off topic” for the forum, and is unlikely to get much meaningful engagement from the community here.