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Job Posting: Underwater Robotics at Reefgen

Hi everyone! I’m very exited to post that Reefgen (reefgen.io) is looking for climate-focused engineers and builders to raise the scale of restoring ocean habitats - hopefully to a level that exceeds the rate we’re losing them. To tackle a major hurdle in this field, we are developing robots to outplant corals and sea grasses raised in nurseries.

We currently have 2 open positions for engineers to work on robotics. One is for a mostly-software job developing underwater controls and navigation (visual and acoustic) and the other is for a multi-disciplinary engineer to develop underwater vehicles and planting process hardware. We are located in both San Francisco and Long Beach California, USA. To apply, please visit our job postings on LinkedIn:


Our current prototypes are #builtwithBR, and we’ve come to the forums to look for answers and share insights throughout our builds. I’m continually inspired by the projects I see here, and excited to be looking for folks in this community to join our team. If you have any questions about our work or the roles, please reach out!


Hi @manyufacturing, great cause, and good luck with your people search! :slight_smile:

Out of interest, do you have any photos you could share of your robots/prototypes, and/or some habitats you’ve worked to restore, or are hoping to work on? I’m curious what kind of size the robots are (/are planned to be), and the intended scale of the planting operations :slight_smile:

Thank you Eliot!

We’re not sharing photos publicly right now, but I’d happy to share privately with folks who are interested, and will definitely post some things here when we can.

As for your questions about size and scale: The current prototype is about the size of a BlueROV2 Heavy with the payload skid, but about 1.5x as long. We’ll need to get a bit bigger to reach the level of restorations we’re thinking of, on the scale of hectares. However, in a near-shore environment we’re limited on the size of the robot, since we have to deal with surge and currents while close to the reef, and will be deploying from small boats.

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