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Source code modification adding sensors-thrusters

(Luis Gamez) #1

Hello guys,

the time to modify my BR2 has come so I want to add some sensors to the BR2, I´m not such a newbie in coding but I need some help with this:

I just want the path to follow on how can I modify the code to add some sensors lets say some of this or this or another Thruster.

how or where can I see the source code? Can anybody give me an idea of this?


(Jacob) #2

Hi @luisgamez , you can get links to all of the source code here.

I think these sensors would be good to add to the Pixhawk by UART. It would also be possible to add them to the Raspberry Pi.

I can help you write some drivers for them. An example to look at would be the NMEA GPS driver.

(Jacob) #3

I wrote an I2C driver for the conductivity sensor:

(Luis Gamez) #4

Hey @jwalser

Thank you so much! I will take a look.

Luis Gamez

(Luis Gamez) #5

hey @jwalser

Can you please show me how can I add to the code another Motor like another M100?,

I am building a rotary screw gripper with one of the M100s but I need to know where can I add it to the code.


(Jacob) #6

Hi Luis,

Please join the developer chat, and we can get you in the loop there.