Sonar with Linux API

Hi, I want to use a sonar sensor on an AUV with a Nvidia Jetson TX1 onboard. So, are there any sonars which have APIs for linux. I want to use it for object avoidance.

@jakkala-kalvik, I am not aware of a sonar with an API, but this isn’t my area of expertise. I haven’t dealt with sonars on the market (yet!). Perhaps some of our members with experience with different models and manufacturers can lend some more insight.


Nothing that I know of. All the commercial sonars I know of are pretty closed source and use proprietary software. Most of the commercial sounders can also output NMEA position and depth sentences off a dedicated port so you may be able to use that somehow.

Here’s some resources:

I’m not aware of any sonars that specifically support Linux, but if memory serves me correctly, the software that comes with the Imagenex 852 will run under WINE and the data format is available if you want to post process. Contact Imagenex for more details.

I guess I will look into Imagenex thanks.