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Check the etherenet interface settings on your computer. I probably used 192.168.x.2, the x will be the same as your computer. is listed in my details

So try in the browser. You will need to update the ‘host’ in the gstreamer sections to be after the update.

I met a problem which I can not flash my pixhawk through the WEB

it shows Internet status is not connected
but my wifi is connected
what should I do?
thank you

You can try restarting your router. What model is your router?

You can also do offline updates by uploading the update content from your computer to the ROV.
Here is the Pixhawk firmware.
and here is the companion update file.

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Hi, I’m new to this software, setting up QGC for the first time and trying to follow the instructions.

When I try to set up the wireless connection of the companion computer on the network tab of, I cannot connect to my wireless network because it does not broadcast the SSID (Hidden SSID) and there is no option to connect to a hidden SSID wireless network. Can this be changed or how would I go about allowing the companion computer to connect to a hidden SSID network?
Thanks in advance,

Michael Tilse


You should be able to access your router web page as as an admin and determine what your SSID is.

Or you could temporarily turn on your router’s SSID broadcast and then turn it off when you are done.


There is no support for hidden networks at the moment. What you may try to do is change your router to broadcast the network like @tciii suggested. What is the companion version displayed on the system page?

I met a problem which I can not flash my pixhawk through the WEB, like wdodo.

it shows Internet status is not connected
but my wifi is connected
what should I do?
And I have a qualification.
I cant restarting my router.
thank you

Hey I am currently trying to set up wifi connectivity for the companion computer using this IP: There are no SSID being shown in the companion web interface. Please help me solve this problem.


When accessing the IP, are you unable to see the web interface ?
If you can access the web interface, is there no wifi networks in the combobox network ?

I am able to see the web interface but there are no wifi networks being shown in the combobox.

What Raspberry Pi are you using?
Is the ROV close to the WiFi router and out of the water? Water is great at absorbing 2.4 GHz waves.

As of now I am using raspberry pi 3 and I don’t have an ROV as of now. I am currently setting up the rpi and wanted to test the simulation on gazebo.
I am trying to use my mobile hotspot as wifi for rpi. I get the status as connected and internet status as not connected and after 40-50 seconds, everything gets disconnected.

You don’t really need to use the wi-fi for internet connection.

My test setup consists of a raspberry+pixhawk+camera with the Raspberry connected directly to my router. This results in the Raspberry getting assigned an IP address by the router DHCP server along with the

Then I can just add the IP to my PC and everything works fine:
sudo ip addr add dev enp6s0
(enp6s0 is my wired network interface connected to the router)

Wow full of information. Thanks for opening this thread.

I recently updated to Companion 0.0.26 and experiencing no ability to see any WiFi SSID in box. With no ability to connect I cannot use the upload / download tests which I need for long tether evaluation.

I was told to just download old companion version and burn to SD Card from GitHub but I’m not sure just what to get and how to burn just Companion or Ardusub with it? Is there a procedure for this somewhere?


Our existing setup with our BlueROV2 is:

  • Companion 0.0.21
  • ArduSub 4.0.3 (we have updated it today)
  • Qgroundcontrol 4.1.6

Going to the companion software status gives the version (0.0.21) but does not say “'Update companion”. Instead it says “no updates available”.

I guess we need to update the companion to 0.0.31. Why does it seem impossible on our ROV and PC? Do we need to install the image file on the SD card along with using Etcher ( Installing Companion Software Image · GitBook ( or is there a simple solution to the companion update?


Hi @Eloi,

Most likely your Companion computer is not connected to wifi (see the Network page), so it doesn’t know there are updates available.

0.0.31 is indeed the latest version of Companion, although note that it’s also the final release of Companion (as discussed in that post). BlueOS has stable releases now - I’d recommend checking it out. There’ll be a push for people to transition once we’ve written some more documentation for it, but it’s definitely still usable in the meantime, and has some extra features and robustness :slight_smile:

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