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Smaller Hardware?

(Marcel) #1

I have started to build a mini ROV with two tubes (180x70mm) as pressure housing for electronics, 6 esc & battery.

My plan was to use arduino as controller board for my mini vectored ROV, but now i found the ArduSub Project and this looks perfect.
But the Pixhawk and Raspberry is really big…

So what can i use instead?
APM mini pro or pixhawk lite?
What is the Raspberry for?
Only for ethernet and online video?
What can i take as a small option?

Thanks, Marcel

(Rusty) #2

Hi Marcel,

You should be able to get by with a smaller computer as long as it has Ethernet capability. The Raspberry Pi Zero doesn’t have Ethernet, unfortunately. I’m not that familiar with other possibilities.

The other option is to use an analog camera and our Fathom-S communication module, which will eliminate the need for the Raspberry Pi but result in lower quality video.

The Raspberry Pi interfaces with the camera and sends the video stream through the Ethernet connection. It also interfaces with the Pixhawk (running ArduSub) and relays the Pixhawk’s communication to the surface.

What’s running on the Raspberry Pi will run on many different Linux computers but might require slight adjustment or setup.



What about a Pi zero and a USB Ethernet adapter? Apparently around 40 Mb/s are possible:
Would that be enough to send HD video with Fathom X?

(Jacob) #4

Yes, but you might not have much overhead in bandwidth.