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Simple Q ground control


Does anyone know if there is a way of having an Admin and normal mode on Qgroundcontrol? I would like to set all the functions in an admin setting, then, when the normal version boots up it just goes straight to camera with the Pitch, roll, compass etc.

Thanks in advance

I have not seen such features in source code. You should edit the code and create your own version to manage this.

Hi @Tangaroa, can you explain in more detail what you want to accomplish or the problem that you are trying to solve?

Hi EnderOcean, Jacob. Coding is not my thing and I’m an enthusiastic novice at best with it. My concern is that if i did manage to do anything, if a new version of Qgroundcontrol is released it would change what i have done. Not to say i couldn’t alter it again. With regards to what im trying to accomplish. I would like to have a very basic version of Qgroundcontrol, where none of the setting can be changed. No access to anything but the camera view. For instance. I would set the ROV up in the spec i have (heavy) set the joy stick button mapping, any gain levels and save. Then anyone else using Qgroundcontrol when it boots up would only get the camera view with no other options.
Thanks in advance

Or basically a password required to change any settings would work.

So that other users could use the ROV but not be able to mess around with the settings, without knowing the password.