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Flight modes

(John) #1

Loaded everything and its moving along but I see the flight modes in QGroundControl are not listed as described. I see stabilized but no manual or depth hold. this is with QGroundconntrol 3.0 and simpleROV firmware with 4 ESC. is there a parameter I missed? FYI this is the Aug 3 build of firmware.



(Paul) #2

Are you using the “daily build” of qGround Control?

(Rusty) #3

Hi John,

Please try the daily build of QGC, downloadable from the links here: http://ardusub.com/initial-setup/#install-qgroundcontrol


(John) #4

I believe I used the nightly builds but, I’ll remove and reinstall from the link


(John) #5

i must have gotten the wrong build. Grabbed the nightly today works fine. thanks