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Setting permanent parameters through pymavlink

(A. Koh) #1

Hello again,

I am trying to permanently set my SURFACE_DEPTH parameter to 50 cm through pymavlink. I am trying to follow the code under “Read and Write Parameters”. While using the master.mav.param_set_send function they state to send the action “MAV_ACTION_STORAGE_WRITE” to write the RAM contents to EEPROM.

In the pymavlink github I see people setting numbers to MAV_ACTION_[something] and then calling self.mav.action_send and passing the action to it. Am I suppose to do that? And if so, what number should I set MAV_ACTION_STORAGE_WRITE to?

How do I set surface_depth permanently?


(Jacob) #2

You only need to send the PARAM_SET message.

(Patrick José Pereira) #3


Take a look in our example: read and write parameters.