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Sensors i2C connectors dosent fit?

(Thorleif) #1

Hiya, anyone know what i must do to make my connectors fit the i2c on my pixhawk? My connectors on the sensors are more like grey dark than white as the picture states? Also they have the plastic which locks the connectors on the far right and left side but the white connectors which are for i2c have them more in the middle than so far out? :-/

(TCIII) #2


The connector on the pressure sensor is a Hirose DF13 style connector which was the connector of choice on the original 3DR Pixhawk1.

If you have a clone Pixhawk1 the manufacturer might have chosen to use connectors that are other than the Hirose DF13 connectors and that is probably your problem.



(Thorleif) #3

That might be it!

Mine looks more like this: https://www.aliexpress.com/item-img/CRIUS-Pixhawk-I2C-Splitter-Expand-Module-junction-plate-separator-for-Pixhawk-APM-Flight-Controller/2033000729.html?spm=2114.10010108.1000017.2.f7lfcZ

Is the pins just swappable for the plastic? If i buy one of theese on aliexpress can i just release the she-contacts from the hirose’s and swap with the “wierd ones” from aliexpress?

(Rusty) #4

Hi Thorleif,

The picture in the link definitely has a different connector that is not the standard DF13 type connector. I don’t think the pins are swappable, unfortunately. If you can find an I2C expander with the original connectors I would strongly recommend using that! You could solder splice the sensor to a new cable.