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Regarding sensor connectors

(Thorleif) #1


I’ve seen that they call the sensors connector “DF13” which I found on Digikey and ordered a bunch of. But they seem to be misfit?


Are there different DF13 ?

(Kevin) #2

@thorleif Those look right for a “through-hole” connector.

The more common rectangular DF13 connector is for a “surface mount” connector. 4 Position Surface Mount DF13 Connector

(Thorleif) #3

Thats so wierd, my connector does not fit, the “holes” back are for locking it my locking pins on my connector are closer together. See attached image:

(Kevin) #4

Where did that header connector with the wires come from?

That doesn’t look like a DF13 header as all the real ones are tan or “natural” in color. You may have a PicoBlade header, what all the Chinese manufacturers like to use because they are cheaper.

(Thorleif) #5

Hey, you tell me? It is your temperature sensor, bought a few years ago. I do not get any i2c signal either :slight_smile: it is the “super accurate” one, not the pressure and temp sensor. Thought all my sensors had these. Have you been changing them lately? Or bad batch? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Thorleif) #6

Aha, found the right connectors online and ordered a bunch of them so I can swap it :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for confirming that it was wrong, might also be someone changed it as I did not use them at the start. :slight_smile:

(Jacob) #7

The connector on those wires is not DF13, I think it was switched after it was received.

(Thorleif) #8

Thanks, christmas mystery solved!

Awaiting a bulk of DF13 connectors to swap to the right one. :slight_smile: