Bar30 JST-GH pinout

The Bar30 product page notes that “the new revision will have a preinstalled JST-GH connector in place of a DF13 connector.” I was hoping to confirm the pinout for a matching female JST-GH connector, so I can update this in a PCB design? Judging from the I2C level converter, it looks like it might be:
1 - GND
2 - SDA
3 - SCL
4 - 3.3/5V
Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 10.21.57 AM

Hi @pimbongaerts,

The pin numbering is consistent across both connector types (as in our I2C Level Converter and our I2C Bus Splitter). JST-GH and DF13 connectors have somewhat mirrored structures relative to their pin numbers, which may have confused you - your assignments are flipped :slight_smile:

Thank you @EliotBR! But just double-checking: looking at this photo of the I2C level convertor, it seems that black (GND) is on Pin1 of the JST-GH footprint I shared above? (given that this photo is facing the SH1 solderpad of the JST-GH connector).

The connector that’s plugged in there is the DF13 one, and the black GND wire is in pin 4 - the JST-GH connector is the one with the orange tape.

Looking again at your footprint diagram, either the pin numberings on that are the wrong way around, or you’re looking at it in the software from the bottom (‘through’ the board) instead of from the top. The wire side connectors have a marking for pin 1, and they would both be on the far side of your latest photo, where the DF13 red wire is plugged in :slight_smile:

If your pin numberings are in fact the wrong way around on your footprint then you’ve correctly corrected for that in your suggested numberings for the signals, but I would advise against using that in a design because it doesn’t follow the manufacturer’s connector specification (the official pin 1 would be your pin 4). That would still function fine, but is unnecessarily confusing, and could be problematic later when debugging.

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Brilliant - thank you for the clarification, I think it might indeed be an issue with the footprint, but will double-check. Thank you for your quick response & help!

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Just as a triple-check - here’s a photo with both connector types plugged in, where you can see the pin 1 indicator on the JST-GH connector (the little triangle) :slight_smile:

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