Sensor data python to arduino

How do I write the motor output data to an arduino connected to the controller laptop? We are able to view the sensor data on python but not sure how to send it to the arduino.


Can you explain what is your setup ? It is not clear how the motor, laptop and arduino are connected and what you are aiming to do.
Are you controlling the motor via I2C and do you want to read and write data using an Arduino connected to the computer ?

We’re getting inputs from QGC using a joystick and reading motor values using pymavlink. We want to be able to send those values to an arduino connected to the controlling laptop.

Our end goal is to have some kind of haptic feedback for the user controlling the ROV which we aim to do by using the arduino

If you have already a pymavlink application running and you want to send data to an Arduino, you can use pyserial.