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Send data with MavLink to QgroundControl

(json) #1

I have a temperature sensor => Product link
I read the temperature data using raspberry pi 3
I want to send temperature information to QgroundControl and show it
help me

(Jacob) #2

There is support for this sensor in ArduSub. You can plug the sensor into an autopilot like a pixhawk, and it will send the information to QGC. If you do not want to use an autopilot, then you can look here at the same question about sensors connected to the Pi:

(json) #3

I use pixhawk
help me to connect the temperature sensor to pixhawk

(Jacob) #4

Plug it into the ‘I2C’ port on the pixhawk. If you have more than one I2C sensor like a Bar30, then you can connect both with an I2C splitter, or just connect all the wires in parallel.


(json) #5

The ds18b20 temperature sensor is connected to 3 wires and not I2c
How can i2c do it?

(Jacob) #6

It won’t work with I2C. You will need to write your own code for it. I thought you were referring to the Blue Robotics Celsius temperature sensor in the first place, sorry.

(json) #7

I set up the Sensor Code for Raspberry pi and it works properly
I would like to send the temperature information to MavLink for QgroundControl and show it
help me

(Jacob) #8

You can use mavlink. There are examples on ardusub.com: https://www.ardusub.com/developers/pymavlink.html

Try sending the SCALED_PRESSURE3 message, and fill in the temperature with your reading, then you will see it in QGC.