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Sensor alarms: Why does they come up?

Hi dear BlueROV community,
my BlueROV2 the last time gives me some alerts:

“Leak detected” very soon and during another dive after a while of operation “Internal pressure critical”.

In both cases I removed the ROV out of the water and checked it in an save environment. There was no visible water inside the cylinder and the vacuum test confirmed, that there is everything fine with the seals (over more than an hour no loss of negative pressure).

So I risked to disable the leakdetection alarm. I went to another dive, not deeper than 6m for about half an hour when the other warning “internal pressure critical” appeared. The ROV worked well and there was still no visible water inside the housing, maybe some regular air moisture.

  • What ist the second alarm depending on? What do I have to check? What means “internal pressure critical”?
  • Where can be the problem with the leak detection warning without a obviously leak?

Has anybody an idea?

Thanks a lot!
Greets from the baltic sea

Internal pressure can build up if rov splashed and not acclimatised. Take out of water n take vent plug out to release pressure. The leak detection alarm shows moisture. Put dessicant in case to absorb any moisture.

OK, thanks, I will try out your recommendations.

Thanks a lot!
Best regards

Hi Chris,

Regarding the leak detection alarm, it is possible that there is enough moisture on one of the sponges to set the alarm off, but maybe not so much for you to observe it. If you look at the SOS leak detector board inside of the ROV, is the red light lit up? This light will turn on when moisture is detected at the probes.

Regarding the critical pressure alarm, please take the ROV out of water and remove the vent plug to release any excess pressure, then re-seal the enclosure with the vent plug. It will help to turn on the ROV for ~10 min to warm the air inside of the enclosure before you seal it.

To learn more about how and why these failsafes are triggered, please check the documentation for Failsafes on ardusub.com.


Hi Mariya,
I checked the red indicator light of the leak sensor and there was a weak flickering light visible. I replaced the sponges and the leak alarm didn’t come up during the last dives. But again the pressure alert came up and I removed the vent plug two times. After that that alarm was history too.

Thank you all for the support!
Best regards