Securing the lids

Hi guys,

It would be nice if there were tapped holes in the enclosures so the lids/domes would be held down with more than just negative pressure.

Just four would do. Then have a couple more tapped holes on the lids to help pull out.

I realize this may not be practical for the acrylic enclosures, maybe some outside rods from lid to lid on the winged parts?


I secured it this way.


Nice one, I like the wing nuts.

Are these the same brackets as what is used on the 4inch enclosure?

this is what I had to do after my end caps expanded and water got in

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I like the black housing. What is the port hole for?

i have replaced the wingnuts with some modified Gopro nuts, easier to operate.

strobe light

Must admit that I am not a fan of just relying on pressure to keep everything shut.

On the topic of your strobe light, what did you use to seal up the hole?
Have you got that light set to activate on surface or at night etc?
Thats a nice mod by the way.

There was no hole. The strobe is inside the acrylic and shines right through.

Oh … i thought that was an Aluminium Enclosure. Is that just an acrylic tube with some sort of black sleeve on it?

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yep thats it

Just a quick suggestion for your product development - addition of 2 M3 tapped holes at the ends of the tubes. Just adds a little piece of mind when working in shallow water.


Hi there,

I want to do the exact same thing. Do you have a link for where you bought those brackets you used from? Or did you engineer them yourself?


I made it myself.


Svein Harald