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Second hand sales

Would it be possible to add a section of the forum dedicated to second hand sales?


I like this idea.

This should be beneficial for all of us.

Hi Eloi and others,

We have thought hard about this in the past and for now we’ve made the decision to not have a classifieds section. We’ve had a few ads posted on the forums before and they caused some confusion. We started getting direct emails about the postings and it’s led to issues with handling warranties.

We are thinking about ways to make it easier for our users and distributors to share their related products and solutions, but we want to handle that in a thoughtful way and it will take some time.



Hi Rusty,

Thanks for your reply.

Since a few posts regarding 2nd hand sales are seen elsewhere in the forum I understood that they were not forbidden and therefore it would makes sense to put them all in one place.

I guess having a dedicated section would indeed increase the number of posts and would then require detailed rules to be put in place to best organise this.

Thanks for looking into this